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John Bryan State Park - Hike 21 of 52

John Bryan State Park - Hike 21 of 52

Hike #21 was a slower paced hike through John Bryan State Park. Recent rain made the path muddy and the river to flow faster than normal. This hike is a little challenging but everyone made it to the end. The kids were amazed by the cliffs, rock features, and waterfalls.

Trails Hiked:

North Rim and Ridge Trail (Parts of both these trails)


About 1 mile.  We stopped a lot during this hike to take in the scenery and the Little Miami River.     

Weather and Trail conditions:

It was a sunny day and we got to the trail late afternoon. The temperature was in the mid 80's.  There has been a lot of rain in this area, so we called ahead to make sure the trails were open and asked about the conditions before we left the house.  There were some pretty muddy areas on the trail closer to the river and we did decided to turn around at one point because it was too muddy for us.  There were also areas of the trail that were under repair. We started our hike on the lower part of the Rim Trail closer to the river.


Wildlife Seen:

No sightings today. 


There is plenty of parking all over the park, which makes it so nice to be able to park by the activities you are most interested in.     


There are plenty of restrooms all over the park.  We used the restrooms that were closest to the playground area and they were very nice and roomy.  They did not have running water.      


A good pair of shoes are a must here!  See below.  A good hiking stick or trekking poles could be used as well.  


Nature Center and Activities:

There is a Nature Center here and if this is on your list to see, make sure to park near this section.  Since we got to the park later in the afternoon, we did not have time on this trip to visit.     

Let's Go: 

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