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Most Durable Backpacks: Designed for Function

Most Durable Backpacks: Designed for Function

At Scioto Made we take great pride in designing gear that's made with function, durability, and looks amazingly awesome.  Below we will explore important details that set our backpacks apart for others.  These aren't your ordinary backpacks - we build backpacks made to last.

It's all about the little details that add up to something awesome. We're talking thread, materials, machinery and design.   

  • Thread:  We use bonded nylon thread for its strength, durability and resistance to abrasion. It holds everything together - so nothing but the best for our backpacks.
  • Materials:  Our backpacks feature 1000D CORDURA fabric for its resistances to abrasions, tears, mildew and rot. You'll notice its strength and stability from the first time you pick it up. 
  • Machinery:  These aren't your everyday sewing machines. Our backpacks are made with instrustial machines that are made to go through heavy, durable and thick materials. Load bearing anchor points are reinforced with our Bartack machine. Watch this video on the making of the 21L backpack and you'll see this machine in action. We had put the video in slow-mo, just to be able to see the needle work.
  • Design:  From paper mock-ups, to working prototypes, we thoroughly vet our designs for function and maximum use. For example, our 21L backpack features a layflat design, so you can load it up for travel, keep it zipped up to use for an everyday backpack, or even ruck in it. Yep - go for it - it will hold up again and again. 

Just like in our moto "simple designs for everyday use" our backpacks are simple, easy to use, and designed with purpose in mind.  We don't skimp on the details.  All our backpacks are made in our shop located in Columbus, Ohio.  Since we design and make all our own backpacks, we can customize one just for you.  Get more information here.  

For additional details on our 21L backpacks - check those out here! 

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