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CORDURA and ROBIC Ripstop Fabric: Why we use them

CORDURA and ROBIC Ripstop Fabric: Why we use them

In the shop we geek out over fancy sounding words like ROBIC ripstop and 1000D CORDURA and wanted to give you an inside look into why these fabrics are important and why we choose them for our products.

Picking fabrics is an exciting and very important part of our design process and it's what gives our gear an unique edge - as we say - a bag that doesn't suck.


You'll see many of our items made from CORDURA - specifically 1000D - which refers to the density of the fabric.
This tough fabric is great for outdoor items like backpacks, totes, luggage and even wallets. It's excellent resistance to tears, mildew, rot, and fading makes CORDURA our go to fabric. Plus it's also quick drying, highly water repellent and easy to clean.   

Items made from this fabric will feel sturdy and last many years.  Our backpacks and totes are made to be loaded up with all your items and used wherever your adventures take you.  It's our to go fabric for bags meant to be used.  

Click here for more information on backpacks and here for totes.

Hayden Sling Bag Olive and Orange


Another fabric that you'll see on our crossbody bags is ROBIC Ripstop 420D. This fabric will be much lighter compared to 1000D CORDURA, but it's still awesome.

This material contains a UTS (Ultra Tear Strength) coating and is lightweight and strong! It features a minimalist square design giving it a super simple clean look and feel.

It's durable, wipeable, packable and makes a for great all day, easy to care for bag.

Click here for more information on our NBS Crossbody Bag.

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