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Inniswood Metro Gardens

When the opportunity arises, take it!  On this day the sun was shining with warmer temps, which made a great day for exploring Inniswoods.  This is an amazing park to explore for all.  Our adventure included a walk through the woods trying to find animals and flowers.  We were successful on both!  Since, our oldest had already been here before, he was the guide for the trip...although at times, you definitely know who was leading the charge :) Best part of the trip is the kids are always looking for items for me to take pics of.  The flower they found, the map, owl and deer.  And a week later, they are still talking about it.  I call that a success!    
All the trails are easy to maneuver, with a mix of paved and stone paths.  Need a place to sit and take it all in, there are plenty of places along the way...or make your own and use a log!  As always, pack snacks and your camera, because there is so much more to this place!  Can't wait to the spring flowers to bloom!     
940 S Hempstead Rd, Westerville, OH 43081
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