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Indian Run Falls

Fall is popping in Ohio!   We decided to take advantage of an unseasonably warm day and off to Dublin to visit Indian Run Falls.   This is such a great place for a family to get out and explore.  The dirt trails are very easy to navigate for both parents and kids.  There are a couple of areas that require more caution, but everything is well marked.  What is so great is the paths will actually lead to the water!  I would of course advise parents to be close by with a watchful eye, as there are water falls.  Along the trail there are plenty of areas to stop, rest and enjoy.  Make sure to pack a camera, water bottle or a snack too.  No special equipment needed for the adventure, which makes it so easy to pack up and go! We were able to do the entire trail in less than an hour (including stopping multiple times to take in the view and water falls).  One item to note is that we did not see any bathrooms, which if you are out and about with little ones, can put you in a pickle!   Overall, a great place for a family to experience together.
Indian Run Falls - 700 Shawan Falls Dr. - Dublin, Ohio 43016      
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