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Hoover Mudflats Boardwalk

This was such a cool place and we all agreed when we left that we would be back another day when the weather is warmer!  If you are looking to take in a great sunset or bird watch this is the place to be.  The walk from the beginning to end took us about 10 to 15 minutes or so and there are places to sit along the way.  Before we started the walk, there was barely a breeze, but be sure to take a hat with you, as the winds do pick up on the walk.  As you can see, someone got a little cold!  With little ones, I am always on the look out for bathrooms.  I did not see any near this place, so we had to cut our trip a little short :)  Can't wait to get some great sunset pics next time.  
Hoover Mudflats Boardwalk - 37 S Old 3C Hwy, Galena, OH 43021
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