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Hike 8 of 52-Scioto Grove Metro Park

Hike 8 of 52-Scioto Grove Metro Park

Once again the weather here is a roller coaster, but we will take these nice warm and sunny days!  This hike was an easy stroll, quite a contrast to the last hike at Blendon Woods. The trail that we were on was pretty flat, but that was good for us today. We were just glad to take in the beautiful weather!  


Trails Hiked:

Arrowhead Trail.  I think if we were to go back we would spend more time closer to the river on the REI Trail.     


About .75 mile today  

Weather and Trail conditions:

Beautiful sunshine today!  Highs were near 60 degree and we started the hike around 1:30pm.  

The trail was very easy to navigate and was mostly flat.       

Wildlife Seen:

Nothing seen today. 


Plenty of parking in all areas of the park.


We will have to review on our next trip here!  We didn't visit this part of the park (very rare!)   


This was a tricky one - last hike snow gear, today spring!  So lighter on the layers and sunglasses!  A good set of boots to get you through the mud and melting snow.     

Nature Center and Activities:

There were some playgrounds, but no nature center.  Maybe we will come back and launch our kayaks here! 

Final Thoughts:

Hike #8 – Today was a pretty uneventful hike, but was great to spend the time outside and enjoy the weather.  Everyday, it seems like the weather is changing here, so we do the best to embrace what we got and enjoy the outside.               

Let's Go: 

Scioto Grove Metro Park
5172 Jackson Pike Grove City, OH 43123
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