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Blendon Woods Metro Park Columbus Ohio

Hike 7 of 52 - Blendon Woods Metro Park

Going into the weekend, we weren't sure if this hike was going to happen as we had one sick kid and a weekend that just was plain busy!  We all get those weekends and if it wasn't for a little help from our parents, hike 7 would be somewhere else.  We are so thankful that we got to complete this hike and also see our son earn his owl badge!  He was so excited! This is a beautiful park and a bit more challenging for our son with a few hills and ice.  Oh and it was ground hogs day too! 


Trails Hiked:

Brookside Trail, Ripple Rock Trail, and Overlook Trail.  These trails together made a nice loop around the park.      


About 2 mile today 

Weather and Trail conditions:

We started the hike about 9:30 am and it was 18 degrees (Brrr!!) and it was still about the same temp when we left!  

All the trails were very easy to navigate, however they were pretty icy and snow covered.      

Wildlife Seen:

Nothing seen today. 


Plenty of parking in all areas of the park.


We will have to review on our next trip here!  We didn't visit this part of the park (very rare!)   


Snow and cold weather gear was a must!    

Nature Center and Activities:

There is a nature center here and hopefully we will make it back to check it out!  I am sure the kids would love it. 

Final Thoughts:

Hike #7 – So glad that we were able to make it and as always were not disappointed!  This is a beautiful park and will be on the list to visit again. As part of the Columbus Metro Parks Winter Hiking Series, if you complete 7 hikes you earn an owl badge.  Our son was so happy at the end when he earned his!           

Let's Go: 

Blendon Woods Metro Park
4265 E Dublin Granville Rd Westerville, OH 43081
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