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Inniswood Metro Park

Hike 6 of 52 - Inniswood Metro Park

What a difference a day can make!  The sun is out and we all needed to grab our sunglasses! It was still cold, but the sunshine today make it a great day to get outside.  Inniswood Metro Park is a place that we have visited many times.  It is beautiful all season long and a great place for pictures.  The trails are nice and easy and the distance you want to go is really up to you. 

Trails Hiked:

We were on pretty much all of the trails in the park today!  We started on the paved paths that led around to the Frog Talk Walk, then to Boardwalk Trail, Spring Run Trail, Sisters Garden Loop, and finally Brookwood trail to end up at the Pavilion for chili and hot chocolate.        


About 2 miles today!  

Weather and Trail conditions:

Beautiful sunshine today and it was around 20 degrees. We got to the park about 1:45 pm.  Very easy trails navigate.      

Wildlife Seen:

Nothing seen today. 


Plenty of parking right in front of the park.


There were restrooms in the front of the park and also in the back.  Very clean and made for a nice stop before getting chili and hot chocolate...and some cookies!    


Cold weather gear was a must and sunglasses today :)  

Nature Center and Activities:

No nature center here.    

Final Thoughts:

Hike #6 - This was fun hike because the weather was nice (sunny) enough so the kids brought their camera along.  It was so much fun seeing our son find things to photograph.  He made a list of items he needed to find - these included animal tracks, different types of trees, leaves and whatever else he found interesting.  This by far was the highlight of the trip! Now to get those pics downloaded and some printed for his hiking book.                                 

Let's Go: 

Inniswood Metro Park 

940 S. Hempstead Road, Westerville, OH

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