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Clear Creek Metro Park

Hike 5 of 52 - Clear Creek Metro Park

Winter in Ohio is in full swing and Saturday hikes sure are snowy!  This was our first time at Clear Creek Metro Park and it surpassed our expectations.  Yes, it was snowy and cold, but so beautiful and peaceful.  At the end of the trip, everyone was in agreement that we will be coming back to hike more trails.  

Trails Hiked:

There are some pretty difficult trails here and today we opted for a flat trail along the creek, Creekside Meadows East Loop.         


About .8 miles today... We took lots of stops along Clear Creek to take in the view! 

Weather and Trail conditions:

We started the hike about 10:30 am and it was around 21 degrees. This trail was easy to navigate even snow covered.  Some spots were a little tricky due to some flooded areas and ice under the snow.  But all in all, it was a great trail for us.     

Wildlife Seen:

Nothing seen today. 


Plenty of parking in all areas of the park.


Right before Creekside Meadows Trail, there was a nice port-a-potty to use.  By nice...I mean one that is in a little building with room to move.  The kids and I all fit in there with snow gear and was pretty clean!    


Snow and cold weather gear was a must!  On one of our first hikes, the kids found some nice sticks and we have been keeping those in the truck.  

Nature Center and Activities:

No nature center here.    

Final Thoughts:

Hike #5 - While it was cold and snowy this was probably the most beautiful hike so far.  We got there about 10:30 am and didn't leave till a little before 1pm.  We took our time on the trail and stopped often.  The kids were even waiting to stay longer as well!   

It was about an hour drive from home on the way we did have the "are we there yet" and "I'm so hungry" complaints.  We didn't pack snacks, but had some hot chocolate in a thermos for when we arrived.  We also had some listening issues towards the beginning of the hike.  At this point, we all needed to hit reset and remember why we were there.  Once we got going, we found our groove, learned some lessons and most importantly learned a hiking stick is for walking and not for throwing, pointing or dragging! :)                              

Let's Go: 

Clear Creek Metro Park 

185 Clear Creek Road, Lancaster, Oh 43130

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