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Prairie Oaks Metro Park Winter Hiking

Hike 3 of 52 - Prairie Oaks Metro Park

Trails full of SNOW! I would have to say that this was our first time out on a totally snow covered trailed and was so much fun.  We got there right before the start and were able to enjoy parts of the trail before it got too busy. Lucky, this was only a 1-mile loop, because we made a lots of stops to play. 


Trails Hiked:

We started on the Darby Creek Greenway Trail and circled around a small lake on the River Rock Trail.  We entered the park at the Darby Bend Lake Entrance.    


Only 1 mile today.  Took a slower walk through the snow and enjoyed the view of the lake and river.  

Weather and Trail conditions:

We started the hike about 1:45 pm and it was 30 degrees.    

The trail was nice and wide, so even snow covered it was very easy to navigate.   

Wildlife Seen:

Nothing seen today, except 1 ice cold fish!


Plenty of parking area near the lakes.


There was a nice set of restrooms to use at the beginning of the trails.


Snow and cold weather gear – dressed to play in the snow.  Snow pants, boots, gloves, and anything else you need to keep warm.    

Nature Center and Activities:

No nature center, but everyone enjoyed the hot chocolate and soup at the end of the trial as part of Columbus Metro Parks Winter hiking series.  

Final Thoughts:

Hike #3 – This one was shorter than previous, but with the added snow-covered trails, really kept the kids entertained and would have provided hours of enjoyment.  We got an earlier start, which made parking easier and we were able to get on the trail and have some play time.  Packing was easier today, as we already knew what snow and cold weather items we wanted to bring and what worked well from Hike #2.  Just had to make sure everything was dry and fresh!   Brought a few snacks for the ride home and had some more hot chocolate in a thermos waiting in the truck.  More snow is in the forecast for Hike #4 on Saturday!                 

Let's Go: 

Prairie Oaks Metro Park

Darby Bend Lakes Entrance - 2755 Amity Road, Hilliard, OH

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