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Buzzard Cave Trail

Hike 17 of 52-Buzzard Cave Trail

Walking along this trail it seemed like we entered into another world! Surrounded by tall trees and hearing the sounds of the birds it was nice to take it all in. The trail starts out on a paved path near the Nature Center and quickly descends into the trees.  The path takes you around to a cave and then back up to the Nature Center area.  



Trails Hiked:

Buzzard Cave Trail


Around 1 mile.  There are some gentle declines and inclines on this trail, so good footwear is essential!  

Weather and Trail conditions:

It was a great day to be out on the trial and enjoy the sunshine.  The trail was mostly grass and dirt and was pretty dry.  

Wildlife Seen:

Wood Pecker and plenty of other birds.  



Across the road from the Nature Center there is a small gravel parking lot that would be the best for parking.  The trail head right starts beside the Nature Center. 


At the Nature Center there is a set of nice outhouses.  They were very clean and not like a typically port-a-potty :)   


Hiking boots and long pants. There are some areas with taller grasses around the trial.  Also an important note is to be on the lookout for ticks.  After we were done everyone got checked and we did find one on the back of a shirt. Yikes! A tick remover will now be packed with us as well!       

Nature Center and Activities:

Yes! There is a Nature Center Located near the Trail Head. There are animals to see inside and great for kids! Also there are a few sets of picnic tables, so pack a lunch and make a day of it exploring the area!        

Let's Go: 

Township Hwy 7, New Plymouth, OH 45654 

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