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Hike 16 of 52-Moonville Rail Trail

Hike 16 of 52-Moonville Rail Trail

Hey kids...You want to go and see an abandoned train tunnel?!?  YES!!  This place was so cool and we are so glad we did some searching and found it.  The drive to the trail is an adventure in itself, as the road turns from a paved two lane road to a one lane gravel path that takes you back to the trial. The tunnel is pretty close to the trail head, so how far you want go is up to you. If you do venture further past the tunnel the trial will dead end into the creek, which is pretty cool to see as well. 


Trails Hiked:

Moonville Tunnel Rail Trail - This is an out and back trail.

Moonville Trail


About 1.2 miles (according to All Trails).  

Weather and Trail conditions:

The weather was in the mid 60's with bright sunshine!  It felt so nice to lose the heavy jackets today.  The trail in spots was wet and had some puddles (especially inside the tunnel) from the previous days rain, but over all a nice gravel trail.         

Wildlife Seen:

Some birds and some creepy crawly bugs.  That was all for today.  


There is a small gravel lot at the trail head.


We did not see any restrooms available near the trail, but on our drive there we did see a nature center at Lake Hope that is not too far and does have facilities available. We needed to stop there on when we were done :) 


No special gear needed today. Bring your camera, you'll want to take a few pics!!      

Nature Center and Activities:

No special activities.     

Let's Go: 

 Moonville Rail Trail, Allensville, OH 45651

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