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Three Creeks Metro Park-Columbus Ohio

Hike 11 of 52-Three Creeks Metro Park

Here we go again! We are getting closer to completing the Columbus Metro Park Winter Hiking Series and we have seen so many great parks!  Today's highlight was the walk around Turtle Pond and the sausage breakfast sandwich at the end.  We will have to step up our snack game for the rest of the hikes! 


Trails Hiked:

Bluebell Trail and Turtle Pond Trail.  We had to make a short cut through some grassy area due to the trial being flooded.      


 About 1.5 to 2 miles.  There was a good walk from where we parked to the start of the Winter hike and guessing this added about .5 miles to the total. 

Weather and Trail conditions:

It was a cold morning, lower 20's, but towards the end of the hike it was nice to see the sun come out.  The trail was easy to navigate.        

Wildlife Seen:

We saw some geese today!  


Plenty of parking in all areas of the park.


There were restrooms located by the Heron Pond area, but we did not have to use them today. 


We were dressed for cold and no other special items needed.      

Nature Center and Activities:

The Turtle Pond area was the most interesting area for the kids.  This is where we sat for a bit, took pictures of the geese, and threw rocks on the ice.  We may have to come back another time to go fishing here!

Final Thoughts:

Hike #11 –  This is a very large park, with many areas to explore.  Since part of the trial was flooded, it would be great to come back again to complete the Bluebell trail.  We may also try some fishing at Heron and Turtle Ponds.               

Let's Go: 

Three Creeks Metro Park
3860 Bixby Rd, Groveport, OH 43125
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