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Char-Mar Ridge Park

Char-Mar Ridge Park

This trail was a nice surprise and a nice length for an evening walk with the family.  From the parking lot, not too far into the trail, we came across the natural play area, which the kids loved!  This turned what they thought was a boring walk into something exciting!  There was a play house/hut made of sticks, a slide on a hill, rocks and logs to jump on and a small stream. 
Next we discovered that this trail is a fit flex trail...who knew there was such a thing!  So if your looking to get more exercise while out here, check out the markers along the way. The trail was easy to navigate and just long enough for our family at 1.5 miles.  We stopped to take in the wildlife viewing area, find some walking sticks and of course take pics along the way.  Overall great park for the family! 
Here are a couple of things to know before you go:
1. Natural play is great for the kids and can get a little messy.  Bring some extra clothes/shoes incase your little ones get messy! 
2. Very impressed with the bathrooms!  You never know what you'll get in a park, but these were some of the best ones yet.  Very clean with running water!
3. Be on the lookout for wildlife all around.  You'll see below a few animals that we spotted.
4. My family is always hungry and we bring water and snacks to have along the way.  This seems to make the experience better for all!
5. The only downfall was that we could periodically here the highway, but it also served as a reminder that we were getting close to the parking lot when the kids were getting tired...  
6. We experience a lot of high and lows during these outings...but it seems like we it's all said and done the kids remember all the cool stuff they saw along the way and all the other small stuff is just small stuff! So get out an enjoy and make some memories!     
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