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Blue Hen Falls and Buttermilk Falls

Blue Hen Falls and Buttermilk Falls

Blue Hen Falls - Sustainable Family Home


Trails Hiked:

Blue Hen Falls, to Buttermilk Falls. Blue Hen Falls is an official destination within the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, while technically Buttermilk Falls is not on CVNP property. However, there’s a well-worn trail, and access is not explicitly prohibited. 



It’s only 0.6 miles from the trailhead downhill to Blue Hen Falls (but be prepared to walk uphill to get back to your car). To hike downstream to Buttermilk Falls took roughly 20 minutes, so about another mile or so. 


Weather and Trail conditions:

We had perfect weather on our visit; about 65 degrees and sunny. The trail to get to the Blue Hen Falls overlook is very solid and maintained. If you’d like to get down to the bottom of Blue Hen Falls, this requires a careful climb down the bank with tree roots as your steps and handles. Once you’re there, you can wade in the shallows, but getting closer to the base of Blue Hen requires climbing over some waist-high rocks. There were parents with small (2 y/o or so) kids there at the bottom; most of them stayed in the shallows. 

To get to Buttermilk Falls, simply follow the stream downstream! A trail exists, but it does cross the stream multiple times. There are stepping stones in most of the crossings, but don’t be surprised if your feet get wet a time or two. We visited after a week of rain, which meant nice water flowing on the falls, but a muddy trail to Buttermilk. 


Wildlife Seen:

I think we saw a squirrel once? Blue Hen Falls is a popular destination in CVNP, so if you visit on a nice day, be prepared to share the experience with a bunch of other humans. This could be one reason wildlife was not overly abundant. 


When approaching Blue Hen Falls, there are three parking spots at the trailhead itself, with extra parking across the street. However, it truly is a popular site; upon our arrival to the extra parking lot, we had to wait for a car to leave in order to get a spot. There is parking farther away (somewhere) but then it would require a hike in. 



None; no permanent site or porta-johns. However, other CVNP facilities were only few miles away. 


Good shoes.


Nature Center and Activities:

None, but other CVNP facilities were nearby. 

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