Upcycled Ditty Bag - Olive - RepYourWater

When life gives you lemons...

RepYourWater had a run of some of shirts come in with significant enough damage that they weren't usable as a shirt anymore, but the fabric was in great condition.  Instead of sending the shirts to a landfill, they worked with a local cut and sew facility here in Colorado to produce these unique, up-cycled ditty bags.

Use for toiletries, pencils, streamers, a reel case, a simple wallet, the list goes on!!

RepYourWater is an apparel brand dedicated to providing uniquely designed, top quality gear for anglers and hunters while increasing support of local conservation and inspiring exploration.


  • Every single bag is unique as they are made from different parts of the shirt!
  • Available in 4 basic color schemes: Olive; Turquoise; Navy with streamer print; and Sand with dry flies print
  • Measures 7.5" x 6"
  • Liner made from up-cycled, durable polyester
  • Exterior from up-cycled RepYourWater shirts
  • Loop for easy hanging or carrying
  • Strong zipper
  • Made in USA
  • 3% goes to our conservation partners

You can select the basic color scheme of your ditty bag, but know that each one is entirely unique in where design features are placed.

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