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In 2018 we set out on an adventure that would take us to new places. The business continued growing and evolving into 2019. We met so many great people and learned a lot of lessons along the way. Bright eyed for the future there were big plans for 2020. Then Whack!, Bam!, Boom! Like an old comic book the world turned on its head. Our plans were no more. So many businesses went from planning for growth to figuring out ways to stay afloat. We were no different. That’s where things took a turn. As the virus spread I scrambled to find ways I could help. I felt lost and frustrated trying to find my place.

That’s when I recalled two things I learned at a young age and always try to instill in my kids. Have an unrelenting willingness to work hard and a special trait I learned from my late grandpa. Yankee Ingenuity.

Yankee ingenuity is defined as a pragmatic approach to problem solving instead of traditional methods.

Now being a small business I didn’t have the funds to afford the latest technology to produce PPE overnight. Armed with a sewing machine and t-shirts without a home, I started making facemasks to donate. Then down came the orders. Facemasks were now mandatory. Some companies took that as an opportunity to make it rich but I saw it as a chance to help. I decided to sell masks at a lower price than most others out there. Sure the profit was slim but there was a bigger purpose. Keeping people safe.

Mask sales took off and I began working night and day to keep up. I forgot to mention I was also “homeschooling” my two kids during this time. I would spend my mornings making sure they got their school work done then would work until well after midnight sewing and filling orders. It was crazy but that’s where I am comfortable.

I sold enough masks to keep buying more materials in bulk to donate to other groups of makers and also help out another local business when supplies were tight. 6 months and countless masks later things have taken another turn. Which brings me to today and Scioto Made.

Being a maker is something I have always loved and what will take my business towards the future. Retooled, realigned, and reloaded but always with the same mission. Simple designs to make the world better.

Manufacturing in the USA and Ohio specifically is also very important to me. Also important is giving back whenever possible. I will continue to be a part of 1% For The Planet as well as donating locally to groups making the world a better place.


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