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Hike 28 of 52-Spring Valley Nature Preserve

Hike 28 of 52-Spring Valley Nature Preserve

Spring Valley Nature Preserve is a hidden little gem that really removed us from the city life for awhile!  Many of our hikes have been in Metro Parks with paths that are very well marked and here this wasn't the case.  Don't get me wrong, there were markers and we had a trail map, but this hike we really had to pay attention because getting off the path was easier to do!  But this also made it really fun and more challenging!  We were also surprised to see that this nature preserve was dog friendly.  Not sure if Bo thought it was fun, but it sure tired him out for the day! 

Trails Hiked:

We made a loop out of the Valley Trail to Roberts Ridge Trail.


With the two trail combined, it was just over 1 mile.  

Weather and Trail conditions:

We went early in the morning and the trail was dry.  There were trail markers, but can be easy to go off the path if your not paying attention! Some parts were a little more difficult with some uphill climbs and narrow paths.  

Wildlife Seen:

Nothing seen on this trip.  Oh...wait... can you see this little guy?


There is a small parking lot at the beginning of the trail.    


None!  We looked and should have done a little more research before we got there...but there is a gas station not too away.    


A good pair of hiking shoes/boots and maybe some hiking poles/sticks.  There are some uphill/downhill parts to this trail and areas were you need to watch your footing. 

Let's Go:  

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