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Hike 27 of 52 - Prairie Oaks (Fall Edition)

Hike 27 of 52 - Prairie Oaks (Fall Edition)

Hike 27 look us back to Prairie Oaks to explore the park during the fall season.  Last time we were here everything was covered in snow and looked much different than it did on this visit.  Our intention was to explore a dog friendly trail and get some good training in for Bo.     


Trails Hiked:

For this trip we entered at the Darby Bend Lakes.  We took the Darby Creek Greenway Trail to the Lakeview Trail and back to the parking lot. Trail was easy and very dog friendly!  


We did not track the mileage, but from what we have done before, it felt like it was about 1 mile or just over.   

Weather and Trail conditions:

We did this trail in the evening and it was unseasonably warm, which we didn't mind at all!  The trail was dry and was a nice walk for the kids and training Bo. 


Wildlife Seen:

Nothing seen today! But did find this awesome view and watched a fisherman walk the river. 


There is plenty of parking in this section of the park and it is easy to get to multiple trails from this location.    


At the end of the parking lot there is set of restrooms before the heading out on the trails.      


Nothing special, but always recommend a good pair of shoes! 

Let's Go:  

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