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Hike 23 of 52-Ariel-Foundation Park

Hike 23 of 52-Ariel-Foundation Park

Hike 23 took us to Ariel-Foundation Park, which is located on 250 acres near Mt Vernon, OH. The grounds used to be an old glass factory that was re-purposed into an amazing mix of green space and art. We had a blast exploring the different buildings and conquering our fear of heights at the Rastin Observation Tower. 

Trails Hiked:

I would say we explored more than hiked on this trip.  We went and visited most of the numbered area on the map and also took a short trip over to the Woods and Lakes.  


We probably went about 1 mile exploring all the different areas of the park. 

Weather and Trail conditions:

Hot and Sunny!  We got to the park around 11am and there were some clouds in the sky, but when the sun came out it was pretty hot and sticky!  The Ruins part of the park is very open, so make sure to bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen! 

Wildlife Seen:

A lot of frogs and geese around the ponds. We had to be very sneaky to capture this frog. 


There is plenty of parking all over the park, which makes it so nice to be able to park by the activities you are most interested in.     


These were more difficult to find. We were able to find a set of port-a-potties near the Event Center.  We noticed bathrooms in other areas, but they were not open at the time we were visiting.       


Always a good pair of shoes! There is a lot of walking around this park and best to have a comfortable pair of shoes for exploring.  

Nature Center and Activities:

Climbing the observation tower!  We also saw people kayaking on the lakes. 

Let's Go:  

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