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Hike 22 of 52-Highbanks Metro Park (Spring Edition)

Hike 22 of 52-Highbanks Metro Park (Spring Edition)

Highbanks Metro Park is one of our favorite Metro parks in the Columbus area. There is so much to see here and is very family friendly.  There are many hiking trails to choose from and some are even pet friendly.  We decided to do a spring edition to see a different part of the park and we wanted to check out the river. At the time of our visit, the rain had just ended a few days before and the river was at one of the highest points that we had ever seen.   

Trails Hiked:

River Ridge and Big Meadows (Parts of the trail)


All together between the two trail and parking we were at about 1 mile.  

Weather and Trail conditions:

Trail was damp in spots along the river and dry elsewhere.   

Wildlife Seen:

No sightings today. 


There is plenty of parking all over the park, which makes it so nice to be able to park by the activities you are most interested in.     


There are plenty of restrooms all over the park that we noticed.  Depending on where are you at the park, you may or may not get running water. 


A good pair of shoes, sunscreen and a hat.  

Nature Center and Activities:

There is a Nature Center here and if this is on your list to see, make sure to park near this section. You can hike to it, but if you have little ones, I would recommend parking close to it. Also there is a natural play by the scenic river trail and the kids really enjoyed this area.  It was nice and shaded, which was a plus! 


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